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Starius - Starius is a shoot em up games. You can upgrade your ship by catching many bonus
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obama smasher flies - a simple one button game where you need to smash the obama flies :P
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Foster's Teamwork - Help Mac and the other imaginary friends rescue Bloo and get rid of the Extreme-osaur...
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Laser Blast - Help Stitch escape from captain Gantu's spaceship.
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Shape Switcher - Help our shape shifting friend discover his hidden powers of color and shape changing...
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Batman Skycreeper - Help Batman to climb to the top of the buildings and catch the Joker.
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Penguin Bounce - Help the penguins cross the water by bouncing them on the raft. Each penguin that lan...
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Jeans or Gown Dressu... - Help her choose the nicest dress and a hat!
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Shop N Dress Iceberg... - Ride the ice to earn points for your dresses.
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SmashCrashTeroids - SmashCrashTeriods is a fantastically fun 2D space shooter. You have an array of weapo...
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River Kayak - Go down the river avoiding the rocks with your kayak in your way down the rapids.
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MiniFlashRTS - RTS (real-time strategy) game where combat operations are conducted at a mini battlef...
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Imagine: Fashion Des... - Design the next big thing in fashion and travel the world to build it into a worldwid...
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Skateboy - Win points by making high and difficult jumps!
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Star Beacons - The objective is to clear all the stars by hitting them with a ball shot.
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tank training 3 - the third tank training
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Amorphous - Go around chopping things with your big knife.
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Monster Trucks 2 - Crush a whole new pile of courses in this monstrous sequel!
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Fruzzle - See how many fruits you can collect in this simple but addictive puzzle game.
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I Love Traffic - Send all cars from all directions through the intersection! Guide speeding cars throu...
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Donut Empire - Donuts! Donuts! Make a killing in the donut world! Run your donut business, upgra...
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Metal Armor - This is a great fun action adventure. Play as heavy metal robot and collect all the g...
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Angelina Jolie Dress... - Help Angelina choose clothes for casual wear or for a party.
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Sue Gardening - Dig a hole, sow plants, water and watch them growing!
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Egg Smash - Egg Smash is a funny skill game where you have to save little birds from smashing on ...
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Puzzle Vibes - Puzzle Vibes is all about placing 3 figures of the same type together! You can play e...
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Beaver Brothers - To complete each level collect all the red bricks.
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Tropice San Juanos - Punch and shoot enemies as they come at you in this sidescroller. Grab those healths ...
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Bubbels - Shoot the colored balls by other balls of that color to make them disappear. Bonuses ...
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Red Plane I - The adventures of the Red Plane begins here as it shoots enemies down into falling de...
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