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Space Adventure - Well heres my first game based off the Kongregate Lab tutorials.
Plays: 235 Rating: Not rated
Girl Make-over 4 - A pretty lady with a beautiful face deserves a total makeover courtesy of you! Enjoy ...
Plays: 192 Rating: Not rated
Jetspeed - Avoid traffic as you seek out and destroy the trucks. Keep a low profile, so be caref...
Plays: 286 Rating: Not rated
Puzzle Mania - The L... - Use the mouse to move the pieces and construct the picture.
Plays: 308 Rating: Not rated
TNT - Total Noobie T... - Jostlin' Jocelyn needs your help. She's training a bunch of noobs to compete in the S...
Plays: 151 Rating: Not rated
run or die 2 - run as fast as you can, if you fall, you die.
Plays: 299 Rating: Not rated
Volleyball Game - Time for some Volleyball Game! Defeat you opponent, hit the ball hard!
Plays: 344 Rating: Not rated
Neon Pong - Use the arrow keys to move your paddle, and try to score more points than your oppone...
Plays: 307 Rating: Not rated
Wiggi World Rescue - Rescue the world by stomping out fires.
Plays: 218 Rating: Not rated
Battle Orbs - Help Luke Skywalker hone his lightsaber skills! Deflect by clicking the robotic battl...
Plays: 317 Rating: Not rated
DuckNCover - Shoot as many ducks as you can, but don't get hit by a low flying duck or egg.
Plays: 366 Rating: Not rated
Luminara - Luminara is an incredibly graphic intensive game! Blast off those enemies in differen...
Plays: 253 Rating: Not rated
Ninja Land - Our hero and his lovely princess lived happily in their castle, until one day vicious...
Plays: 288 Rating: Not rated
Mud and Blood Vietna... - Your unit is at a rural location in Vietnam. The mission, Fight the local guerrillas ...
Plays: 187 Rating: Not rated
Bouncing Balls - Bouncing balls it`s a very fun and addincting physics game.
Plays: 255 Rating: Not rated
Mini Dresses - This game teaches you how to wear mini's in the best way possible. Enjoy!
Plays: 233 Rating: Not rated
Rigelian Hotshots - Use the arrow keys to control the fireball. Kill thrill suckers to earn points. Hitti...
Plays: 263 Rating: Not rated
POPSY The Penguin - Help Popsy explore the environment while collecting fish and stars for extra points a...
Plays: 318 Rating: Not rated
Candy and Clyde - Play through Candy and Clyde's daily routine of games and chores. Choose which child ...
Plays: 200 Rating: Not rated
Space Words Recharge... - The challenging and addictive word game you will see! With hundreds of words to guess...
Plays: 204 Rating: Not rated
Panik In Bubble Trou... - Help Panik destroy the cyber bubbles unleashed by the evil red guy, all over the worl...
Plays: 214 Rating: Not rated
Bubbles 2 - You're a bubble, collecting smaller bubbles to grow and avoiding mines that would pop...
Plays: 264 Rating: Not rated
Spiders Bride - Kill the butterflies with a mop and feed the spider. Try not to drop the mop.
Plays: 177 Rating: Not rated
Fred's Adventure - Fred has lost the one thing that is most important to him, his bicycle. While playing...
Plays: 280 Rating: Not rated
Blow Things Up - Blowing things up is fun! Blow up 42 exciting and challenging levels in this physics ...
Plays: 458 Rating: Not rated
Bunny Grab - Help the Nesquik Bunny grab as many glasses as he can before the time runs out!
Plays: 293 Rating: Not rated
Image Disorder Taylo... - Re-arrange the tiles to complete the lovely face of Taylor.
Plays: 195 Rating: Not rated
Zombie Squirrel Atta... - You are the squirrel who must take out the attacking zombies. Use your gun to shoot t...
Plays: 398 Rating: Not rated
Hang The Alien - Old school hangman isna??t good enough for some people. Now, we have to hang an alien...
Plays: 371 Rating: Not rated
Not Quite Ready Dres... - Ready for some fashion, but not quite ready for spring clothes yet? You will be tempt...
Plays: 176 Rating: Not rated
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