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Core Salvage - Play this great new way of pong, and then going on and get the full version.
Plays: 153 Rating: Not rated
The Coins - Collect as many Coins as possible per level. You may need to redo the level if you ha...
Plays: 134 Rating: Not rated
Rush For Ice Cream - Rush For Ice Cream
Plays: 316 Rating: Not rated
Rocks and Diamonds - Help Gnorman the Gnome collect diamonds while avoiding the dangerous falling rocks.
Plays: 179 Rating: Not rated
Dress Purse - Lisa's crush has asked her to a special dinner. Help her get ready for her big date!
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Favela Heroes (AKA H... - The mafia war has begun...You have to protect your territory against the enemy gang t...
Plays: 4561 Rating: 5/5
Sagittarius: 2172 - Sagittarius: 2172 is a real-time puzzle/space strategy game. Instead of using classic...
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Bread Eating Contest - Just click on the buttons as fast as you can for you to make your character eat.The f...
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Blosics 2 Level Pack - Addition to the coolest game on the Internet - Blosics 2! - 30 NEW LEVELS !!! crea...
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Word Search Gameplay... - Find all given professions on the board.
Plays: 132 Rating: Not rated
Sky Puzzle - In this beautiful jigsaw puzzle game you must combine all pieces of five images quick...
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Fawn Hunter - Hunt down as many deer as you can.
Plays: 140 Rating: Not rated
Circus Pop - 1 Player, Flash, Matching Game, Mouse Skill, Timing Game
Plays: 114 Rating: Not rated
Vredestein Race - Race through different circuits and in different seasons, strategically change the ty...
Plays: 304 Rating: Not rated
China Open Tennis - Play a game of tennis and defeat your opponents.
Plays: 242 Rating: Not rated
6-bit Pixel Force - A retro mega man-esque platform shooter done in an 8-bit style. It features 6 playabl...
Plays: 166 Rating: Not rated
Pizza Passion - Pizza Passion is totally addicting action game fun. Taste the passion fresh out of Lo...
Plays: 117 Rating: Not rated
Treasure Hunt - Collect all the coins and go to the next level.
Plays: 145 Rating: Not rated
Quatris - four times bigger than tetris, with a twist. come check out this crazy remix.
Plays: 188 Rating: Not rated
Fling a Thing - Fling a Thing is simple game where the player stretches and flings cute little charac...
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Dust and Sun - Got a quick draw? You'll need it. Survive to upgrade, and see if you can become the b...
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Binki. On the chicke... - New funny flash game. Beautiful heros, nice graphics and easy gameplay. You must Hel...
Plays: 209 Rating: Not rated
Cool Car - This guy with the nice car would want you to choose the clothes for him. Would you mi...
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Save Ed - Guide Tom and Molly through the hunted house to save their friend Ed!
Plays: 242 Rating: Not rated
Drop Off - Fun Snowboarding Action. Show off some tricks at different heights and earn some poin...
Plays: 260 Rating: Not rated
Pariboro - Forty tiles of three colors lie on the grid before you, and your job is to clear as m...
Plays: 292 Rating: Not rated
Fruit Shaolin - Become more then a master chef, be a fruit shaolin and let no fruit or vegetable esca...
Plays: 11 Rating: Not rated
Spider Man 3 - Spider Man 3: Dark Side. Dont let spider man fall down. Keep him flying around.
Plays: 223 Rating: Not rated
Shoot Alien Robotz - Horizontal scrolling shooter game with mouse control. Easy or hard mode to free the w...
Plays: 216 Rating: Not rated
Deep Frozen Love - Explore the North Pole to locate, the last survivor of the Ice Age. Who knows you may...
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