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Hedek - As a Thought Police Bureau officer, monitor and eradicate subversive color-coded idea...
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Crazy Kimono Doll As... - Rotate the camera around and fire at the dolls with knives using your hand gun.
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The World of Miner - Shoot the rocks and mining equipment with your grenades to finish levels.
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Spitwad - Adjust your angle and power and get your spitward to hit the computer player or a 2nd...
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Rapid Shot - Play a game of Hockey. Test your skill, you may have what it takes.
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Batman Skycreeper - Help Batman to climb to the top of the buildings and catch the Joker.
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Cola vs Pepsi WAR - Shot description: Shoot down the enemy cans and monsters, collect as much as possible...
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Brotherhood of Battl... - (Big Size Game) Multiplayer Turn-Based Strategy; Defend your domain and spare no merc...
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Trendy Couple Summer - Help this lovely couple choose a trendy summer styles for their summer vacation.
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Amberial Axis - When you thought you had conquered everything, Amberial Axis comes and faces you with...
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